... extend a warm South Carolina Lowcountry welcome as you prepare for your upcoming visit to our Club. To ensure your enjoyment along with that of our members and their guests, we bring to your attention certain aspects of decorum that we hold dear.

Our simplest request is that while at Secession Golf Club or in the nearby towns of Beaufort and Port Royal, all members and guests act appropriately as ladies and gentlemen by treating others as you would like to be treated. We value our reputation in this region, and we hold members accountable for their conduct and the conduct of their guests.

On Arrival
After driving through the entrance gate, please observe signs, and please be aware of the need to stop if players are on the 11th tee driving across the road. As you approach the Clubhouse, on the left you will find the "Bag Drop" area next to the Caddie Shack. Vehicle parking is not permitted directly in front of the Clubhouse, so please park in one of the lots on the right side of the entrance road.

Proceed to the Clubhouse to sign the guest register. You will then be directed to the locker room where you may change shoes and/or clothing. Those who will be staying in the Clubhouse or in one of the member cottages should speak with the Accommodations Coordinator, whose desk is in the main foyer of the Clubhouse.

The golf shop is located through the door to the right of the foyer. Green fees must be charged to the member’s account. Guests may use cash, a check or a credit card to purchase golf shop items. 

Guests must walk the course and be accompanied by a caddie. Caddies are to be paid in cash at the completion of the day’s round. The use of metal spikes on the golf course is prohibited.

Cell Phone and Computer Policy

Secession has a strict Cell Phone Policy that allows voice communication on cell phones only in the guest rooms and the Business Center, both of which are located on the second floor of the Clubhouse, or on the north side of the Clubhouse porch, which faces the tee box of the 16th hole. You may also use a cell phone for voice communication inside your vehicle and anywhere in Blue Gray Estates. Voice communication via cell phone in any other location inside or outside of the Clubhouse is not tolerated. Members and guests may receive and send text messages and emails and may surf the Web on cell phones, PDA’s or other handheld devices provided that no voice communication takes place and that the device's speaker and/or ringing mechanism is silenced. Violations of the policy by members or guests may result in suspension of a member's club privileges. 

The Clubhouse is Wi-Fi equipped. The use of laptop computers is restricted to guest rooms and the Business Center. There are computers available for member and guest use in the Business Center and in the phone cubicles on the first floor of the Clubhouse.

Proper Dress 
Golf attire is permissible in all areas of the Clubhouse except at evening tournament events where participants have been advised that the wearing of jackets, or appropriate dinner attire for women, is required. All golfers are requested to remove hats inside the Clubhouse. Jeans are not acceptable attire on the grounds of the Club at any time.

Golfers are to wear shirts with collars with the exception of collarless golf shirts of the type commonly sold in golf pro shops. Shorts are permitted, but must be of a length that is within three inches of the knee. 

Smoking Policy 
Smoking is permitted only on the golf course, on open grass areas or on Clubhouse patios and porches. Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse or in overnight rooms. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests comply with this policy.

We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to review these guidelines. It is our wish that you enjoy your time at Secession Golf Club and in the surrounding Lowcountry.